Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 8

This is Feijoa.

Our friend Stella from Oso Perezoso bought it for us specifically for our fruit entries on this blog. So thanks Stella.

Immediately it looks and feels like a small avocado, but its skin smells like old lady perfume.

When you open it the outside still resembles an avocado, but where the giant brown seed would be instead contains something like a mushy pudding.

This 'mushy pudding' part is the only tasty part of the fruit. This is how it differs greatly from an avocado.

The soft center tastes like a mix between banana and passion fruit, and was quite good.
The outer flesh however tasted like old lady perfume, and you couldn't separate your mind from thinking you were eating your grandmother.

We tried turning the flesh into juice, but this didn't refresh our immediate cannibal impression.

Turns out Feijoa is more popularly used for corner store candies and popsicles.

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