Breakfast Tacos

These are breakfast tacos, one of Austin's many claims to fame.

Though this may be an overly boastful claim, seeing as breakfast 'tacos' are just miniature breakfast 'burritos' that come from Santa Fe.

But any proud Austinite knows that the details and "technical" creation of the breakfast 'taco' is undebatable when your mouth is full of egg, guacamole, salsa, cheese and tortilla.

So the breakfast 'taco' has become a staple in Austin, and is found in almost any restaurant or food cart (another Austin claim to fame), which makes finding the breakfast taco that's right for you a bit of a challenge.

Seeing as we are vegetarians we usually opt for a nice selection of veggie fixings over varieties of sausage.

So our selection for best breakfast tacos in Austin is:
Food Heads
(pictured above)
* based off of close proximity to our location, veggie selection and economic value.