Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating

This is my favorite easter tradition.
My Aunt Lynette married a first generation Ukranian man. With the wonderful tradition of kielbasa sausage and potato pierogies, into the family came pysanky easter egg decorating.
To make a pysanky egg, you have to work in reverse, lightest colors first dark colors last. You use a little tool (a metal funnel on a stick) you fill the funnel with hot wax and draw on to the egg everything that you wish to turn out the color that the egg is dyed. It's hard to explain. Here's a link if you want to know the more technical details.


  1. Wow, Laney, did you paint all the ones on the bottom? Those are awesome! You know, I've never been the best at Easter-egg dying, but we should definitely do that while you guys are in Farmville.

  2. Sure does beat the Price method of Easter egg dying---buy a Paas Kit (better yet, use one purchased on sale LAST year), use the little wax crayon to scribble some illegible words and images, dip into 6 faintly hideous colors. Oh well, I guess the fun was just the same....