Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 9

This is Mangosteeno

The only other time I've found this amazing fruit was in Laos, where my friend Hannah and I would sit on the street corner and eat bags and bags. Once I saw a pack of four for $12 in the grocery store in arlington. I bought them to show my mom, but they tasted old, like they had spent months on a boat.
Maybe they were just from Bogota. Turns out they are also grown here.

The fruit has a hard, dark purple shell. It feels like a small baseball and has no distinguishing odor.

You can't eat the shell, its disgusting, but crack the thing open and there are tiny membrane-resembling white slivers of delicious sweet fruit. They taste like creamy pear and red grape mixed with other flavors that I don't even know how to describe, but its delicious.

This fruit is sold by the bag, and is not made into juice, just picked apart and eaten as is. It also leaves your fingers stained red.



  1. i first had this fruit when i went to thailand. its one of my world favorites

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    they have this at Trader Joes as a dried fruit. tangy and yummy! xo Jett

  3. Hannah5:42 PM

    Did you know I almost dumped Wade when we first started dating because I spent $8 on a bag of mangosteens for him in Chinatown, and he just let them rot? I thought I couldn't have anything to do with someone who didn't appreciate mangosteens...but I eventually forgave him.

    Meanwhile I love you.