Adventures in California Fruit: Part 1

This is a Rangpur Lime.

A few weeks ago we went gorilla fruitin with our friends from SLO and came across this little gem.

Don't be fooled by its sweet looks, this is no mandarin. In fact it is a mandarin crossed with a lemon, giving it a VERY tangy taste.
It ends up working out great for mixed drinks or lemonade with a hint of orange flavor.
It is also a classic central California joke; friend wants a mandarin and you toss them one of these. If they aren't paying to much attention to the subtle difference in smell then it makes for quite the sour face experience.

Also in case you were wondering, Gorilla Fruitin is when you pick fruit from trees that aren't yours. Don't worry karma, "it grows on trees" is an expression on abundance for a reason.

Here is a picture of our final loot.

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