This is Roy and Dale, the two gay turkeys that live on Isis Oasis.
When they were first introduced to the property they were thought to be of opposite genders. Large fairly flightless birds end up working pretty well as either male/female or female/female, but most of the time two males will compete for dominance.

This is not the case with Roy and Dale, who are both male and are in love with each other. In fact they will get in quite a panic if one turkey finds himself on the other side of a fence or barrier without the other.

So instead of running the risk of loosing one another they typically avoid much roaming and just sit together beside a window so they can look at each others reflection.

That is until either a new car drives up, because they insist on greeting people and checking to see if the car is reflective enough to sit by it, or when Laney chases them around with her accordion. Both happen, regularly.

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