Oh my Goddess!

We have found a beautiful and bazaar spot to rest and work for the month of May.

Isis Oasis!

Temple by day

Temple by night

Here’s the run down. The high Priestess that founded the church (The Church of Isis is legally recognized) moved her animal sanctuary and worship center out of San Francisco in the 70’s to Geyserville, after the city passed laws prohibiting exotic animals as pets.
Before that law, Loreon (the high priestess) used to take her pet Ocelots on walks around the city.

So now a very large resort/Isis worship center rests just outside downtown Geyserville, and by downtown I mean two blocks of mini marts and one stoplight.

A giant ancient tree sits in the middle of the property. The tree is believed to harness wise energy so white Peacock feathers are attached to its branches.

Geyserville is a place of constant tectonic plate activity. In other words there are earthquakes here, ALL THE TIME! But not movie earthquakes where everyone almost dies until Superman, or Wonder Woman, holds the earth together with super human strength. These earthquakes are very subtle and you may not even notice it until someone points it out to you and you think to yourself, “have I been sort of drunk this whole time?” Because that is what you think, you feel off balance the majority of the time you are walking or working and you begin to wonder what’s in the water (vodka?) Nope earthquakes.

The regular “shake” though just adds to the wonder of this place. It is very striking and has a very distinct energy. The facilities are colorful and warm and you’re surrounded by exotic animals, which I know is what you want me to get to.

Some of the Birds:

This is Peaches (above), very talkative bird who also knows how to raise the roof. Video footage soon.

Now we know Turkeys aren't exactly "exotic" birds, but these dudes are HILARIOUS! Again video footage soon.

We got to know these Emus pretty well after building a gate beside their cage and having them spit water at us, laugh, then peck at our tools.

The birds, by the way, squawk just before every earthquake, so they squawk a lot.

The Ocelots and large cats:

While most of the Ocelots are friendly, this large cat, who's species I forget, is rather angry most of the time.

Most of these animals are rescue animals from owners who could no longer handle them. Isis Oasis is a place they can live out the rest of their lives.

We have been working with retreat groups (We just had a Shamanic Tantra group have a retreat here, family be careful when googling that), cooking meals for groups, building cages for animals and working in the garden.

For more photos and information we strongly encourage you to visit their very “early internet” website.

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  1. Those cats look cute! I wish I could care for Ocelots!!