Buenos Aires, which literally means "Good or Fair Winds" is an abbreviation of its former name, "Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa Maria del Buen Ayre". In english "City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Fair Wind". This was luckily shortened to "Fair Winds" or Buenos Aires, which is where we are now, three days into our one week vacation in the city.
We rented an apartment for a week, where we are currently indulging in things we couldn't do at the Hare Krishna community...
Things like eating onions and listening to non-krishna music.

The apartment we rented is beautiful and its great to be able to sleep in and spend the day at our own pace.

Yesterday we went to a farmers market that was located on an abandoned train yard. Greens were growing between the tracks and tomato vines stretched up corpses of box cars. Places like this give me hope for sustainable life combined with city living.
Maybe we will find opportunities to start projects like this when we get home, wherever home may be.

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