Living just enough...just enough for the city.

In keeping with tradition we have once again made a change of plans. Originally we were headed to Twelve Tribes a religious community outside of Buenos Aires. But it seems the fair winds of this sweet city have charmed us into its grasps, and like the snake in Jungle Book we are happily swallowed whole.

The dilemma of course is how we maintain our cheap ass mentality in the big city. Solution, get jobs and sleep in a friends living room. That dear friend is Gustavo. An amigo of Laneys during her abroad life in Spain. Gustavo, a native of Argentina, lives in an oddly shaped house well within city limits. To match the houses unusual floor plan Gustavo has decorated the place with painted mannequins, childhood toys and scattered clothes in pizza boxes. To give you a visual take Pee Wee's Play House and combine it with the apartment in Half Baked. Our first morning in the house we were awoken by a dancing, flashing chicken playing a techno version of the official "chicken song". We love it here, to say the least.

Next the job hunt. With laneys superpower of bilingualness she was a potential shoe in for a teaching position, but what would Jameson do? Well a few nights ago, after one of our many "jam sessions" at the house. We were sitting around the kitchen hanging out and Gustavo happened to mention to his friends the mexician food we had made for him that night. His friends tried some of Jamesons homemade tortillas and said, "Hey, we actually need a cook right now at our to go restaurant. You need a job?"

It was that easy, Jameson started the next day and Laney has and interview tomorrow.

Staying here has been amazing, Gustavo and his friends are some of the most genuine people ever!

Take home lesson: It's all about who you know.

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  1. Seriously?! There's a techno version of the chicken dance??? That just made my whole life.
    Sounds like an awesome/crazy place. And I'm not surprised that you've both already found work. You have a knack at that.
    I took Lauren and Michael to this fantastic hole-in-the wall Mexican place in Roanoke this weekend. It had a salsa bar with 12 different sauces for free to eat with your chips and entrees. A-MAZ-ING. Also, I had fish tacos, which were every bit as tasty as they are rumored to be. If you have a simple recipe for them using tilapia or something similar, let me know.