Jesus Land

A few days ago we took a long awaited field trip to "tierra santa" or "saint land". We first learned about Tierra Santa from a guide book that only dedicated a few sentences to its wonder, saying "An 18 meter Jesus with 36 mechanical movements rises every hour from Salvation Mountain". That my friends is all it took, we had to go to there.

As you walk towards the entrance the sidewalks are lined with plaster, suspended angels welcoming you with harps and heavenly smiles. We bought our tickets and were magically transported to a miniature recreation of the bible and Jerusalem. After giggling like fools at a naked Eve we entered the first show, an animatronic nativity scene. The voice of spanish God narrated the entire event. Lights and angles twirled across the sky, classical music blasted while mechanical three kings bowed before Jesus with robot Mary and Joseph close by. Then as the symphony staccatoed their last recorded note the music and lights suddenly drop, leaving only baby Jesus illuminated by rays of light bursting from behind his head. Wow, we were off to a great start.

Next we entered the city to find it covered with statue scenes of Jesus's life. While taking pictures Laney noticed something was emerging out of the near by mountain of Calvary. It was Him, the 18 meter, robotic Christ himself. He spun around the mountain facing all the areas of the park. Then he turned his hands and head towards the sky and floated into heaven...Just kidding he descended back into the mountain, but his hands and head did look up to the sky and it was still freakin cool!

After marveling at Jesus's robotic wonder we headed to "Creation". A laser light and animatronic interpretation of Genesis chapter one. The show starts with a burst of green lasers and fog. Then the voice of spanish God speaks and creates the heavens and the earth. The stage lights brighten and reveal a vacant "rain forest" land, complete with water falls. Then spanish God drops some robotic animals in, a lion here, an elephant there, and so on. The animals chill for awhile in their awesome jungle world and then spanish God creates robot Adam and robota Eve. The music builds as the green lasers return and a burst of fog enters Eden. All of spanish God's robot creatures turn towards the source of green laser and the room immediately fills with light and theatrical music.
Even after the show had ended, when the house lights were up and the people were leaving we remained seated, staring ahead with our mouths open.

Before we left we both applied for jobs at the information desk.
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