Déjà Vu

Please reference entry #100, Friday, June 12, 2009. Then apply the "Change of Plans" formula here. Cut. Paste. Change. So originally we were going to stay in Buenos Aires, now we aren't. Cooking jobs were easy to acquire, while all english schools that Laney applied to as a sub wanted an 8 month commitment. So what to do?

Well after a discouraging day of interviews and hunting for Laney work, we came "home" to an email from our old friends Jana and Mathi in Valdivia, Chile. It said they were opening a bar with vegetarian tapas and wanted us to come work for them. We got this email 3 days ago and we leave tomorrow for Chile, on a 31 hour bus ride. Yep THIRTY ONE hours! Atlantic to Pacific. Valdivia is also pretty far south, so winter will indeed be felt.

We will be in Valdivia for 2 months, saving enough money to travel to a warm area during the US's winter when we return. Hey, would you want two winters in a row? No.
Pictured Above:
A flower bought by Jameson for 3.55 pesos. It was given to Laney on her discouraging day, in hopes of cheering her up.


  1. Sounds fun! Keep me updated on the states plans too!

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure! Are you guys getting homesick yet? We miss you! Love, Butch and Judy

  3. Wow! You really are going back to Valdivia. Well, I know you'll have fun there and be among good people and cute kittens. I guess the posting of this picture was strange timing, eh??
    Do you know when exactly you will be coming back thru Richmond?? I cant wait to see you guys and hear about the rest of your travels first hand... I'm also trying to sneak off to England and France for a few weeks in the fall and I wouldnt want to miss your grand return.