We're back

Back in Valdivia, Chile. The land of Lobo Marinos and villain birds. We were last here in March, when the weather was much warmer. Now it is winter and the night air keeps our toes numb and noses running.

It isn't freezing though, and during the day it is normal to have a nice outdoor walk with only a couple of jackets.

When we got here there were a million ideas hovering around for the restaurant/bar that had just opened. After spinning our knobs to "realistic" and adjusting our sonar to "tasty", we developed an entirely new menu.

Giant submarine sandwiches!

Though common in the US, they are unheard of here. We had a fresh idea and began to design the sandwiches and promotions.

In Chile, a vegetarian- only eatery won't fly (or dive in this case). So half the menu is veggie and the other half is omnivorous. We got to work right away and the sandwiches are going over really well. Everyone who has eaten there has left with "complements to the chef".

As for promotions, we painted brightly colored subs on large pieces of cardboard and cut them out, with plans to wheat paste them all over the city with the restaurants address.

We are happy to be back in Valdivia, and this time around we are discovering a whole other side to the city.

I'm sure this entry isn't cute enough for all of you so...
One of the owners dogs (the female one). Had four puppies last night.

There, happy.

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  1. Puppies! PUPPIESSSSSSS! (Sorry, I'm 12 and brain dead today).