Don´t go shopping in the rain

Last week I went to the market down the street where Jameson and I are able to buy sacks and sacks of fruit and vegetables for less than five dollars. I went by myself this time, Jameson watched the hostel for me while I was gone. It was a cold cloudy afternoon and there were gusts of wind that would creep up and make me tie my scarf tighter around my neck. it had been raining all morning. The vendors at the market were keeping shelter under flapping plastic tarps held down by wooden posts.

I was strolling along buying some tomatoes and lettuce. I stopped to look at the prices of the lemons, a wind kicked up and with it a tarp and wooden post. In my peripheral vision I saw a giant wooden post flying towards my head. It clobbered me right above my left temple. I lost my vision for a second and when it came back I was holding on to an old man beside me. I started asking the people around me if I was bleeding, I couldn´t feel anything, but I could still speak Spanish so I figured that I couldn´t be that hurt. Some woman in the crowd asked me if I was alone and if I lived nearby. Another man gave me some water to splash on my face. I cried all the way home, thinking about all the horrible things that could have happened. Jameson took good care of me when I reached the house. Helped me calm down and gave me some frozen peas from the fridge.

It´s strange to think about all the dangerous things I have done in my life and accomplished safely, then one day I go to buy vegetables at the market and am nearly knocked unconscious by a flying pole. You really never know what´s going to happen. There are so many things that we can´t control. I´m fine though, escaped it all with just a bump on the head, a red spot below my eye, and the knowledge that I need to stay alert next time I go shopping at that market


  1. Wow! Laney you are tough for taking a pole to the head. I probably would have cried the whole way home too. Sounds like you took the right messages away from this experience? Be more alert, but dont let poll trauma scare you out of eating your veggies!

  2. omg! is this before or after i talked to you yesturday?!

  3. Poor baby! I had not read this posting when I spoke to you earlier today or I would have asked you how you are. I wish I had been there so I could have given you a big hug and helped to nurse you back to health, but it sounds like Jameson did a good job.

    Love you sweet heart.

  4. Laney - Glad to hear that you're OK after your injury. Thank the Lord for His protection - every day! Sounds like Jameson's a good doc/nurse. Love - Judy & Butch