Puerto Varas

Is a little tourist town just north of Chiloe Island. We've been here for two nights while we schedule a bus to Chiloe and catch up on some sleep.

As I stated this town is very 'tourist' oriented and right now it is the low season for traveling. Which means we are the only gringos (that means 'white person' in Chilean) here. The hostel we are staying at is empty and the recommended restaurants from guide books are closed. Also this town doesn't sell ice cream when its not summer. So what to do...

Did I mention this town has a casino?

We found out that Laura is a little lucky charm! We both entered the casino with 5000 pesos, about $10.
Laura left doubling her money, while I left with some broke ass change.

Tomorrow we head for the island city of Castro. Although it sounds communist is really democratic.
Which explains its reputation as a place for 'pick pocketers'. Survival of the fittest and all.

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