The Long Haul: A Summary

We are rounding the end of our time here in Valdivia.
We have spent a total of 3 months in this city, the longest we have stayed anywhere. Needless to say we have grown very fond of it.

We originally came back to the city to help our friends Jana and Mathi open a restaurant. At times the work and overall stress was difficult to handle. Sometimes emotions whirl winded in a way that could only make me imagine how Isaac felt when he came to see us for a weekend here in March. Mixed with the good, the bad and then good again, respectively.

But we have learned a lot here, about different culture's work ethic, about starting a business, and about ourselves. I think we will all walk away self improved and happy that none of us gave up.

We will miss Valdivia.
It has an urban relationship with its nature and wild life that is uniquely different from any other place we have been.

We will miss our friends.
The owners, house mates, entercambio partners, Swedish co-worker, the giraffe painter, taxi driver who stood on the corner, satanic cuddly tattoo artist, the Sikhs at Dharma, our street dog guide. We will miss them all.

Take away lesson:
When life hands you lemons, make Pisco Sours!

(Which is a well known Chilean mixed drink, for those who were not aware.)


  1. The way I felt when I came to Valdivia.... hmm... well, cultural misunderstandings happen all the time, dont they? Sometimes you dont even know they are happening and that is what gets to you, so you work through them best you can by communicating. When the breakdown in communication occurs its hard to know why.... language barrier? passive aggressive hosts? Who knows. I hope the drama did not muddy your stay too much! And also, can we get an update (or a picture) of Lagrimas please?!

  2. Of course cultural misunderstandings happen. Very true.

    Communication certainly fixed things here.

    It has been a wonderful experience in Valdivia over all!

    We love it here and will leave nothing but friends and Lobo Marions behind.