Searching for Treasure

It´s a different type of experience staying in the same town for a few months. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the hidden secrets of valdivia. Last week we found an abandond train yard by the river. Its all boarded up, you have to pass through a mecanic shop heaping with metal scraps and wheels to find the overgrown tracks. One of the train cars had been converted into an apartment. We peered through the key hole and saw a small clean kitchen and a pair of workboots. I wonder if they will ever turn that space into something else, or just let it crumble and self destruct through entropy.

Another day while strolling along, followed by the street dog Guia who accompanies us each time we meet, we found a large abandond cruise boat. I had seen the boat before and always admired it from afar and it was wonderful to be able to step foot on it, search the hollow steel and feel it sway back and forth on the water.

The other night the local University radio station broadcast thier birthday party from the bar. Jameson and I were interviwed about our experiences as forgieners in chile. I mentioned how it bothers me when I am waiting tables and groups of young students will sometimes make fun of my accent. Hopefully some of those punks were listening the the radio and can learn some manners. We also mentioned our love of aji and lobo marinos.

We are hanging in over here. The bar is a sucessfule buisness and there have new faces passing through the hostel every day. We are working alot but I am able to spend some of my time working at the hostel reading an excellet latin american classic "100 years of solitude" which is beautiful and transporting for my rainy days stuck in the casa.

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