Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 1

This is a Granadilla.

The gooey sweet seeds in the center resemble fish eyes. But once you get past the look and the consistency, they are quit delightful.

The outer "gel" has a banana/orange sort of flavor, while the crunchy seed has a bitter peeled white grape taste.

The tiny white "tentacles" that surround the center try their damnedest to grasp the seeds from your slurping mouth.

The entire experience is like eating a little alien fruit. Which it just so happens to be.


  1. Eww! I'm not sure if I could make it past the texture...

  2. sounds like a kiwano! ALIENS!

  3. I think I was eating those in Peru! Try to just crack them over your head to open them, that's how the Brazilians showed me...
    Miss you both! Portland is waiting for you upon your return :)