My job is so small town.

Taganga is an itty bitty beach cove right outside the city of Santa Marta. The rocky cliffs and its boat dotted port make it cute enough to pinch on the cheeks.

This town, for now at least, is founded on tourism, which is why we came. Normally we would avoid anything nick-named 'gringo (white person) paradise', but we wanted hostel work and Taganga is the place.

As of now we are working at a wonderful hostel called 'Oso Perezoso' doing some building and potential baby sitting for the very nice owners. This is more of a temp job though than it is a long term thing. So we will have to continue to search as the handy man and woman work runs out here.

Laney really likes Taganga, she thinks it is chill, slower and isn't a crazy city.

I on the other hand, think it is too small, and while I appreciate the town's quaintness and tranquility, the beach area seems a tad too tourist oriented to me. Especially when you consider the small size of the swimable beach and its waves.
It's no city that's for sure. I get the feeling though that this place has a tendency to grow on you. So I'm counting on that.

Still it is beautiful, the waters are crystal blue and the cliffs have visible shrines to Santa Maria (mother Mary).
We also arrived just in time, this past weekend marked the end of high season.

So now we are some of the only 'gringos' in paradise.

- Jameson


  1. Oh how I wish I was there! Hope you're both having fun and enjoying Colombia!!

  2. You are here our hearts
    (a gentle tear rolls down our tan, sun soaked cheeks)

    We wish you were here too!