Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 2

This is Guanabana.

Its heavy soft body is reminiscent to what an internal organ must feel like. Only this organ is green and has small black spikes.

It is easy to tear open with your hands and unveil the 'fruit'. Besides the small black seeds, the inside is almost all edible.

When you peel the 'fruit' from the inside it feels like you are holding some sort of flesh. It is firm and though easily peeled from the host is hard to split what comes off in your hands. It can only be ripped along the small strand, like millions of strings holding it together.

It has the slimy-ness of an old banana and sort of resembles it in smell as well.

It taste AMAZING, our favorite fruit so far. It is sweet and, pardon any redundancy in description, this is to us a foreign fruit, it has a flavor sort of like combining an almond and a banana with a splash of sweet lime.

You can eat it raw, or you can de-seed it, pull it apart and blend it with milk and a little bit of sugar, to make one of the best tasting smoothies in the world.

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