Adventures in Colombian Fruit: Part 4

This is Kuruba

Soft to the touch and pleasant to the nose.
You peel it open like a banana and inside are tons of tiny orange jelly seeds.

Though not nearly as 'fish eyed' as fruit #1, it does bare some resemblance, with its inner white tentacles and crunchy seed center.

But its consistency is more 'wet, over cooked corn kernel', than 'eyeball'. Also the seeds, though crunchy don't taste very stellar.

As long as you tongue the fruit off the seed and spit, it has a pleasant sour citrus flavor.

And as always, blend it with milk and sugar and have it as a juice; because we are fairly certain that not many Colombians actually eat Colombian fruits any other way.


  1. All this fruit looks like something from another planet. Are you sure there's not an alien plot to take over the world through the consumption of Colombian fruit????

  2. I'd buy that!
    If there are aliens on Earth, they are definitely in Colombia.