Last Health Update: hopefully...

I have been asked by various family and friends about my stomach issues and overall health. So this hopefully will be one of the last blogs about this subject.

I haven't gone to a doctor in Colombia, overall I haven't shown any signs to indicate that I need to.
However coming to Colombia did help heal, or at least point out the problem.

I'm almost 90% sure that I have an infected anal fissure.
Due to pain location and symptoms.

The other 10% of me thinks I may have swallowed glass or some random sharp object a few months ago.

I also think I have a dash of IBS, because I can randomly have a sensitive stomach.

Colombia helped because while I was in the rural areas of the caribbean, I tried drinking the water to see if I could handle it.

I couldn't.

The good news is, because of the structural change of my "movements", the pain stopped, and the bleeding stopped.
I have changed to purified bagged water,
(a phenomenon will write about later)
and as my "movements" return to normal the pain is nearly gone.

I guess 'infected' fissure, because normal fissures heal themselves after a few weeks, while my symptoms and pain had been active a bit longer.

The overall treatment of an infected fissure is simple.
Topical ointment (yes I'm doing this)
Salt baths (I swim in the heavily salted ocean almost everyday)
Naturally softening your stools (which the local water did for me).

So there you have it, if any doctors are reading and have other suggestions or still think I need a colonoscopy, please comment, and yes Doctor Moms may comment as well.

Final point, I am finally feeling better.
(For real this time.)
Everything looks normal.
And I think I am on the road to recovery.

- Jameson

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  1. Wonderful! We are happy to hear that!