This is Cartagena

The city of three faces, old historic face, new beach money face and poverty poor face.

We prefer old face, even though 'centro viejo' (the old center) is a fusion of beautiful historic architecture and overly priced tourist traps. Somehow the well lit colonial balconies that rain ivy, and the decaying concrete walk walls that perimeter the area, out weigh the hard rock cafe and fancy jacuzzi hotels. Seriously jacuzzis are great when it is chilly outside, but it is NEVER chilly outside in Cartagena. This is, at least how I was raised to know the formal, jacuzzi. So for me.
Jacuzzi = tourist trap

Second favorite: baby miami. So, you walk out of 'el centro viejo' and there is this peninsula covered in white high rises. The beaches are pleasant and rocky, you can sit and watch the sunset, eat a mango covered in salt and lime juice. We've done this two days in a row now.

Women will pass by with pails offering massages or with fruit baskets on their heads offering fruit salad.

In the distance you see rich colombians are partying on their yachts listing to techno music and swinging from the masts.

The last face, poor Cartagena we only know because we missed a stop on a bus by about 45 minutes and saw nothing but shanties. Also because the neighborhood we have been staying in is a mix between 'old town' and 'poor town', and full of brothels respectively.
But poor face, is honestly the largest portion of this port city.

We plan to run off tomorrow to a small beach town called Tagana, a few hours north of the city, to find work for a bit and view their reputably gorgeous beaches.
Up, up and away.

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  1. Sounds lovely---especially the sunsets on the beach. Hey, Jameson, if you can, check your email.

    Love you!